Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bon Odori 2009

Bon odori 2009 is much better comparing last year, crowded, more japanese, less scary lolita lala and cosplayer, and alot more moe children!!

Its super croweded...

children with yukata were everywhere...

people couldn't resist themselves from taking picture with them.

So i cant help but follow the tradition.

Things that we should drink in Bon Odori...

errmm but that's not how you eat it.

The snack that appeared in many animes, what is it called hmm...

dun stare at me like that... smile pls @_@

A-chan,"Stalker detected!! Counter snap!!~"

A-chan,"lets see how is my skill...~"
B-chan," eye see you"

A-chan,"my skill guo ran not bad .... :D"
C-chan,"..............i must get tat camera..."

"hahaha you cant chase me" ... children's laughing

i shaked my head and say i can, then i chased them with my camera hohohoho (sounds pervert )


hit hit x3

i can do it~nyan :3

aahhh? *post*

i believe i can fly~

pfftt...flying is tiring

search search = =

I wan my milk~ x3

Waseh see dao like this, the gold fish gang where can tahan themselves *__*

my dinner. Lesson 7: buy your food earlier else you got nothing proper to eat.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Daicon 2009

My fren showed me a pic when she was viewing her fren's facebook pic and asked me is this cosplayer lengzai...

Lengzai, are you flying now? xD

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Its been some times since i last blog, now I am back once again.

Yesterday night i found something sticking on the wall, i thought it was a giant beetle. But when i look closer, its a frog which can climb wall.

Malacca produce geng thing.

Geng mou?

Saturday, May 2, 2009


First of all, really sorry for not updating my blog for ages, midterms and assignments killed me. Some amazing incidents did happen in that period and too bad din have the chance to share, like meeting with a 大佬 whos controlling the whole 茨厂街...etc.
As for this post, i decided to dig out all pics that related to food from my mobilephone, so its gonna be heavy loaded. All pics are coming with timeline.

my secret recipe cheesy stingray with tomato garnish.

Yunwai's 21-years-old birthday party~ Happy Birtday my fren =D
tats my jagung~

Hmm consider as food? ( accidentally uploaded) Ro gathering in lowyat plaza's Old Town.
The middle guy is my ro baba.

冰糖葫芦 from Jonker Street in Malacca, its fruits that cover with a thin layer of sugar.
Tasted it for the very first time.
Not bad at all.

Bought this thing that's called ''Arabic Bread" so that i can grab something to eat when hungry and lazy to go down find food.
Taste like tasteless roti canai, stopped buying this thing as i afraid i will get cancer if consumed too much.

This was one of my dreams last time, having rice with alot of mayonnaise (habit of a char from Gintama, a manga)
Result, amazing delicious. I am hungry now xD

Kenny Roger's quater roaster, while in Genting trip.
The roaster was hard like marble, not edible for humans.

Sucky foods from 1u Neway = =lll
and forgot to rotate the pic lol.

Random cucukan of cucumber and lime with tooth pic. Looks like the orc's burrow from Warcraft 3.
When yamcha is too boring such thing will happen unconsciously.

One of Malacca satay celup, the sauce is very very thick. Each normal cucuk cost about 70cents i think.
Can try it, quite nice :D

Another Malacca food, chicken rice ball. Some people claim that it's nothing special.
Good for rice lover. I like it nonetheless.
After eating that chicken rice ball, you can walk to nearby the red house and taste the cendol :D

冬瓜炖? I am not sure about the name lol. Quite famous in Rawang.
Can bring you all to taste if got request.

Bon Odori japanese noodle (nothing special at all ) and Sake that mixed with water which made me allergic swt.

My roommate's maggie mee, this was when we first moved in and still very hardworking.

I always hungry at midnight and go hunt for something to eat. So wanted to try something special. (yes i always try making some new foods)
Tried to mix mushroom sup and hennessy.
Result, unimaginable hard to eat. Seriously taste like shit = =lll
People who dun believe can have a try.

My version of Friday Sundae with really lots of chocolate inside.
Did this when i was working in TGI friday.

Was having some dimsum in selayang with my family.
Before i moved to rawang.

very very delicious laksa in amanpuri, but small bowl until i can finish it within two bites swt. (got big bowl to be order tho)

Hmm some drink in a restaurant of metro prima jusco.
Been to there for few times, usually while waiting to watch movie.

The timeline was abit messed up. Feeling hungry now, go find something to eat first lol.

Anyway happy birthday to Yun wai again, your stingray rocks gg :D *happy birthday to ah lek, race and yuenz too*

Monday, March 9, 2009

ro addiction

Its been a long time since my last post, and everytime i visit my blog, i saw an underwear hanging there. So i have decided to update it again. Nothing happen much recently, and what i did most days was playing ro (you arent a teenager if you ask me what's it xD)

The greatest fear before i play back ro was the addiction, unfortunately I kena ady, lost the self control D: whenever in class having lecture, my brain particals fly into the ro world, I am able to see falcons flying inside the lecture hall, seriously.

This is my latest engineering math chapter, i learned how to draw lord knight calculate complex matrics lllOrz

Nevermind, i believe i will wake up soon enough. A moment ago my line was too bad, and i cant play ro, thats why i drew them instead. The theme is "ragnarok's character in current era". Just some noob drawing, see le jiu suan ba swt.

edit:that hp de pic removed, see dao his face beh tahan ==lll

Aww its 6am now, i wanna slap myself lllOrz....